Friday, March 7, 2014

Cheating death - the flying way

Tonight, thanks to our smartphones, we saw the news that Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 bound to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur had been lost on radio contact 2 1/2 hours into flight. It was over the water. It was due to land a few hours ago. 

What scares me isn't the fact that a plane didn't land when it should have. Or that the airlines is distributing concerning statements about the status of the flight which reference the loss of radio contact and the fact that their thoughts and prayers are with all of the affected families. 

What causes me chills is that:
1. Greg had a previously planned itinerary including that specific flight
2. Greg's colleagues instead took the trip to the region 
3. Greg's colleagues had booked themselves on the earlier flight

All that has been lost so far is one of the colleague's luggage which the airlines had already put on the next flight - the flight that may have gone down. So what if he has no clothing? He is alive. 

The most frightening thing of all is that we cheated death. Greg was the one originally scheduled on the trip! But maybe God isn't done with him yet. May we all take something from this chilling moment?

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