Saturday, December 3, 2011

IM okay, IM okay!

Before you think that this is all about me, know that the IM to which I refer to in the title is the now pervasive and addictive, spelling and grammar destroying, multi-task challenging phenomenon known as "Instant Messaging".

And IM is not just taking over your relationships with our friends and colleagues, it is now in firm control of our love lives!!  A related side note, I would have virtually no communication with my daughters if not for the magic of text messaging (I miss you girls).  Oops, excuse me while I respond back to my lovely bride who is currently located downstairs about 30 feet from me (10 feet as the indoor crow flies).

Brooke: yt?
Me: y
Brooke: U busy?
Me: y
Brooke: lmk whut up with U?
Me: writin' blog post
Brooke: question?
Me: y?
Brooke: R U hungry?
Me: y
Brooke: k, cool!
Me: That's it?
Brooke: y
Me: k, cool!  
I suppose she will ping me again shortly to ask if I am thirsty, but until then I will continue with this blog post.

Brooke: yt?
Me: y, what now?
Brooke: R U thirsty?
Me: y
Brooke: k, cool!

As I was trying to say, IM is taking over the world like a bad untreatable plague that does not kill anyone, yet renders one confused about the proper means to communicate with anyone at a level above the language that we have with our pets. Check that, we use complete words and cute phrases for that..."You are such a good boy, would you like a treat?"  Cowboy Jack: y

Brooke: yt? 
Me: y
Brooke: mind if I go 2 gym?
Me: n
Brooke: k, cool!

The truth is that I now use IM personally and professionally because I am saving my voice and word articulation for my debut as a guest tenor with The Houston Grand Opera.  And why use the spoken word and expend all that energy? And proper grammar and sentence structure is so 1970!

Brooke: yt? 
Me: y
Brooke: off 2 gym!
Me: k
Brooke: ily
Me: ily2
Brooke: k, cool!

The trouble with "fads" like IM is that they are not just fads, but rather, they become ingrained into the very pop culture in which we live. I suppose the old adage applies here, "If you cannot beat them, you might as well join them!"  Alas, this is true.

Oh wait, just got a cell phone text from Brooke, "at gym".  Pardon me while I text her back, "k, cool!"

TTYL my BFF's!

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  1. HA!! And you know what in addition to you I think without skype and texting I wouldn't talk to my sisters (your other DD's).


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